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Ms. Keila Muller

Investigating students’ sense of belonging in general chemistry courses with varied instructional styles

06/03/202310:40 AMChemistry Education
Prof. Josef Michl

Metalloporphenes, a new family of conjugated 2-dimensional polymers

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Alberto Perez

Targeting BET Proteins: Advances in Understanding Intrinsically Disordered Peptide Binding

Physical Chemistry
Mr. Saryvoudh Mech

Synthesizing CdTe Magic-Sized Clusters with a Secondary Phosphine

06/02/202304:15 PMInorganic Chemistry
Ms. Anna Rushin

Applying Dynamic Nuclear Polarization to Measure Pancreatic Metabolism using Hyperpolarized [1-13C]Pyruvate

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Wen Zhu

Catalytic mechanism of radical SAM enzyme PqqE in pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis

06/03/202308:45 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Jabdiel Laboy Santana

Mitigating teaching anxiety through the use of an adaptable virtual community of practice

06/03/202309:20 AMChemistry Education
Brenna Hilborn

Elemental Analysis of Masculinized Fish Collected around Fort Myers, Florida by X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectroscopy

06/02/202311:00 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov

DNA Cephalopod Nanostructure for Improving Hybridization Rates

06/02/202309:00 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Ms. Emma Mulry

Probing Site Specific Protein PEGylation to Improve Therapeutic Potential

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Scott Lewis


06/03/302311:05 AMChemistry Education
Dr. Ashlyn Hale

Molecular Analogues of the Structure and Spin Vector Ordering of LnMnO3 Manganite Perovskites

06/03/202301:50 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Samuel Adegboyega

Investigation of Effect of Hole Doping on the Magnetic and Structural Behavior of CaCo2As2

06/02/202301:50 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Enzo Petracco

Development of an in-situ NMR approach to identify lead compounds and map their binding epitopes with GPCRs in native cell membranes

Physical Chemistry
Dr. ChristiAnna Brantley

Single-Molecule Magnets on Molecular Nanoparticles of δ-Bi2O3

06/02/202302:10 PMInorganic Chemistry
Alexandra Chamberlain

Kinetic analysis of a minimal RNA substrate as a tool for identification of inhibitors of bacterial Ribonuclease P; an emerging antibiotic target

06/02/202310:15 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Prof. Prem Chapagain

Computer-aided exploration of novel drugs and drug targets

06/03/202309:00 AMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Shubham Bisht

Triangular Paramagnetic Molecules as Mimics of Long-Range Phenomena in Bulk Magnets

06/02/202303:35 PMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Michael Therien

Fundamental Excitations in Highly Conjugated Supermolecules and Nanoscale Structures

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Bipin Lamichhane

First principles study of transition metal carbide for single atom catalyst

06/03/202309:35 AMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Sayan Kundu

Labeling cell surface glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins through metabolic engineering using an azide-modified phosphatidylinositol

06/02/202302:15 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Reece Johnson

Silica Supported Niobium Sites Tailored for Arene/Cyclic Olefin Conversion

06/02/202303:15 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Alexander Diodati

Covalently-linked Supramolecular Dimers of {Mn2(μ-O)}2+ Complexes

06/03/202310:35 AMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Mario Chang

Real Time Deuterium Metabolic Imaging of Mouse Brain Metabolism by the Two-Point Dixon Method

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Kari Basso

Making normal more normal in quantitative lipidomics:  using the Sulfo-phospho-vanillin assay for quantitative LC-MS/MS lipidomics

Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Shailendra Singh

Development and Implementation of Hydrofluoric Acid Program at the University of Florida

06/03/202302:20 PMChemistry Education
Miss Zhiyu Wang

Atomic Charge Schemes Comparison for Fe Single Atom in Graphitic carbon: Insights from Quantum Simulations and Machine Learning

06/02/202302:00 PMComputational Chemistry
Emily Qingqing Peng

NMR characterization of the C-terminal domain of the Streptococcus mutans adhesin P1.

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Martina Sumner

Mentoring at-risk students in large enrollment General Chemistry 1

06/03/202310:15 AMChemistry Education
Mr. Arka Prabha Ray

Dual mechanisms of cholesterol-GPCR interactions that depend on membrane phospholipid composition

Physical Chemistry
Prof. Michael Wasielewski

Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity (CISS) in Electron Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems

Physical Chemistry

Ultrafast Xanthate-Mediated Photoiniferter PISA

06/02/202310:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Prof. Zhongwu Guo

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis and MS-Based Characterization of Glycosphingolipids

06/02/202303:20 PMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. Joshua Moon

Versatile synthetic platform for elucidating water and ion transport in post-functionalized polymer membranes

06/03/202310:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Prof. Xiaodong Shi

Regioselective Crossed Aldol Reactions and Alkyne Trifunctionalization via Au-Fe Catalysis

06/02/202310:45 AMOrganic Chemistry
Dr. Seven Lenhert

Supramolecualar Aptamers

06/03/202311:20 AMPMSE/POLY
Jiahui Liu

Solvent Effects on Intercalation Reactions in VOPO4·2H2O

06/03/202303:55 PMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Chenjie Zeng

Binary Semiconductor Nanoclusters: from Magic Sizes to Atomic Precision

06/03/202302:10 PMInorganic Chemistry
Dr. Erin Saitta

Conversations in Chemistry Education Research

06/03/202303:15 PMChemistry Education
Mr. Zhichun Shi

A combined structural, spectroscopic, electrochemical, and magnetic study of Nickel (II) pyrazolates: dinuclear [Ni2], linear [Ni3], and triangular [Ni3] incorporating five-/six-coordinate Ni2+ ions.

06/03/202303:35 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Parag Das

Enlightening the photochemical behavior of INCN-functionalized donor-acceptor molecules.

06/02/202301:30 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Ernesto Arcia

Protein Evolution using Antibiotic Resistance as a System.

06/02/202311:20 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Dr. Patricia Calvo

Synthesis and Applications of Chelating Polymers

06/03/202308:30 AMPMSE/POLY
Dr. Thanh Nguyen

High Accuracy Reaction Rate Coefficients from First Principles

Physical Chemistry
Mr. Donald Luke

Galvanic Removal of Polyfluorinated Compounds from Water

A low cost, low energy breakthrough for the removal and destruction of Polyfluorinated

“Forever Chemicals”

06/02/202310:15 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Joao Sequeira

Extending the stochastic titration CpHMD to the AMBER14SB force field for future search of non-opioid analgesics

06/02/202304:15 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Yusuf Muhammed

Developing nanopipettes with ion current and potentiometry response for applications in topography and pH measurement in single adenocarcinoma cells

06/02/202309:15 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Zaafir Dulloo

Fluorinated cyclic thiosulfonates as anti-cancer agents against EGFR+ and HER2+ breast cancers: Synthesis & formulation

06/02/202310:15 AMOrganic Chemistry
Prof. David Beratan

A theory for high efficiency electron bifurcation

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Rongfu Zhang

Characterizing CwsA and CrgA interaction in a lipid bilayer with ssNMR

06/02/202310:40 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Cole Stearns

Self-Assembling Properties of Hybrid-Deck [2.2]Paracylophanes

06/02/202302:00 PMOrganic Chemistry
Mr. Muzammil Ahmed

A Novel Single Ionophore Single Electrolyte Configuration for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Metal Ions via ITIES

06/02/202308:55 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Prof. David Waldeck

Adventures with Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity

Physical Chemistry
Mrs. Matilynn Lam

Key Stakeholders' Interpretations of Scientific Information Literacy: A Survey of Central Florida's K-16 Educators

06/03/202301:30 PMChemistry Education
Mr. Pranshu Puri

On the nucleation and growth kinetics of PbSe magic-sized clusters

06/02/202301:30 PMInorganic Chemistry
Prof. Robert Silvers

Structure and Function of Human La-Related Protein 1

Physical Chemistry
Tianming Qu

CrypWater: Detection and Characterization of Protein Cryptic Pocket through Water Density Fluctuation in Molecular Dynamics Simulation

06/02/202303:50 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Peng Jiang

Reconfigurable Nanooptics and Smart Chromogenic Sensors Enabled by Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers

06/02/202308:30 AMPMSE/POLY
Prof. Seth Ablordeppey

The Therapeutic Potential of Functionally Selective 5-HT7 Receptor Ligands

06/03/202310:15 AMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Mr. Rhys Hughes

Excitation Dependence in Photoiniferter Polymerization

06/02/202309:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Mr. Atul Chaudhary

Metal olefin carbonyl complexes as organometallic precursors for focused electron beam-induced deposition

06/02/202303:55 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Reza Esmaeeli

Structural predictions of protein–DNA binding: MELD-DNA

06/02/202303:25 PMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Xiaofeng Fu

The Southeastern Center for Microscopy of Macromolecular Machines (SECM4)

Physical Chemistry
Mr. Mitchell Gulkis

Structures of LIG1 active site mutants reveal the importance of DNA end rigidity for mismatch discrimination

Physical Chemistry
Mrs. Valentina Gomez[2.2]Paracyclophanes as a platform to synthesize star polymers and supramolecular bottle-brushes

06/03/202309:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Prof. Shyam Kattel

Computations Guided Catalysts Design

06/02/202301:30 PMComputational Chemistry
Mr. Nishal Egodawaththa

Controlled Irradiation of Blue and Green Light Excitable Caged Glutamate

06/02/202303:50 PMOrganic Chemistry
Yu-Hsuan Shen

Manipulating Size and Increasing Conductivity of Cyclic Polyacetylene

06/02/202311:15 AMPMSE/POLY
Miss Jessica Young

Students’ familiarity, skepticism, and usage of artificial intelligence language processing tools

06/03/202308:55 AMChemistry Education
Prof. Randy Larsen

Photoinduced Energy and Electron Transfer within a Mixed Guest Ru(II)(2,2’-bipyridine):M(III)tetrakis(4-sulphonatophenyl) porphyrine@HKUST-1 (M = Mn(III), Fe(III)) Metal Organic Framework

05/06/202310:55 AMInorganic Chemistry
Megan Bentley

Highly accurate thermochemical properties of the vinoxy radical

06/03/202310:00 AMComputational Chemistry
Miss Amanda Ritz

In-situ electrochemical transformations of high-performance iron-nickel nanocarbide electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

06/02/202310:40 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Deborah Bromfield Lee

Modifying an Organic Chemistry Esterification Teaching Lab to be Accessible to Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) Students

06/03/202301:55 PMChemistry Education
Megan Lott

Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Triblock Copolymers via Difunctional Photoiniferters in Inverse Miniemulsion Conditions

06/02/202310:45 AMPMSE/POLY
Yudan Chen

Investigating Li microstructure formation in solid electrolytes using NMR and MRI

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Csilla Gyorgy

Enhanced Adsorption of Epoxy-Functional Nanoparticles onto Stainless Steel Significantly Reduces Friction in Tribological Studies

06/03/202309:35 AMPMSE/POLY
Mr. Peijie Hu

Silica Supported Group IV Metal Complexes Prepared via SOMC for Arene Hydrogenation Reactions

06/02/202310:15 AMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Thomas Volta

Cation Permselectivity Through Synthetic Nanopore Membranes: The Role of Surface Charge

06/02/202309:35 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Mr. Nick Terrel

Atomistic uncertainty estimation in ANAKIN-ME neural network potentials

06/02/202302:25 PMComputational Chemistry
Prof. Konstantin Bukhryakov

Vanadium Alkylidenes for Olefin Metathesis

06/02/202304:35 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. John Oladimeji Akintola

Zwitterglass: Anti-fouling Coatings from Glassy Polyelectrolyte Complexes

06/03/202311:00 AMPMSE/POLY
Ms. Dimuthu Kodituwakku

Effects of glycosylation on the structure of Glucose oxidase

06/02/202303:00 PMComputational Chemistry
Dr. Ioannis Gelis

Conformational dynamics during kinase loading to the Hsp90-Cdc37 chaperone complex

Physical Chemistry
Kate Huddleston

ANAKIN-ME and Electrostatics

06/03/202310:30 AMComputational Chemistry
Noel Manring

Double-bore carbon fiber microelectrodes for the simultaneous detection of heavy metals and neurotransmitters via fast scan cyclic voltammetry

06/02/202311:20 AMAnalytical Chemistry
Dr. Piyush Jain

Engineered CRISPR/Cas systems as point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases and beyond

06/02/202301:30 PMBiochemistry / Chem Bio.
Milo Adams

Transition-Metal Dependent Magnetic Ordering in Intercalated Vanadium Ditelluride

06/03/202303:15 PMInorganic Chemistry
Mr. Michael Lynn

Density Functional Theory (DFT) Study on Bulk Properties of Transition Metal Nitrides

06/03/202311:25 AMComputational Chemistry
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