FLAC Mini-grants: Bringing Our Subsections Support (BOSS): Providing support for the subsections of FLACS to host and share events within the local section.

Brief Description: The Florida section incorporates three subsections, approximately 2 to 6 hours apart. This makes regular events challenging. Our premier event has been the Florida Annual Meeting and Exhibition (FAME), with a primary focus on presentation of research. As such this grant aims to provide support to subsections to organize smaller events that can be shared with the entire local section. This grant allows motivation for our subsections to plan events that focus on STEM that are supported by FLACS. This would incentivize subsections to develop regular event planning, which we hope to become regular staples of FLACS. Please consider applying. Each sub-section of FLACS can apply for $500 maximum once every ~6 months.

Download the application for more information and submit to apply for funding!