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Milo AdamsInorganic Chemistry

Stabilization of vanadium ditelluride through iron intercalation

Mr. Samuel AdegboyegaInorganic Chemistry

Investigation of magnetic phase transitions in La1–xCexCo2P2 (x ≤ 0.5)

Mr. Noah AlterBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Assembly of nanoparticle-peptide vehicles for stem cell gene transfection.

Mrs. Zully BeckOrganic Chemistry

Efficient synthesis of cyclopropylacetylene, a crucial synthetic intermediate for Efavirenz using chlorinating reagents (PCland Ph3PCl2)

Mr. Addam Ben-AbdallahPhysical Chemistry

Development of Encapsulated Thermochromic Materials for Degradation Resistant Energy Efficient Coatings

Mr. Subhadeep BeraInorganic Chemistry

Subsite differentiated Fe4S4 Clusters supported by a tri(phosphine) podand

Shubham BishtInorganic Chemistry

Tetrameric Ln2Fe2 Complexes (Ln = La, Tb) as Models of Coupled Molecular Spin Qubits

Miss Rotanya BryanComputational Chemistry

Computational studies of hydrogen binding to corannulene

Will BurattoInorganic Chemistry

CO2 Reduction by a Diiron-di(μ-sulfido) Cyclophane Complex

Nathaniel CarnegieInorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of In2O3/TiO2 photocatalyst by hydrothermal synthesis

Ms. Beauty ChabukaComputational Chemistry

Electron and Hole Catalysis via Reductant and Oxidant Upconversion: The Case of 1,2-disila-3,5-cyclohexadiene

Alexandra ChamberlainBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Rapid kinetic analysis of Escherichia coli RNase P active site interactions using minimal substrate containing an intrinsic florescent probe

Mr. Liwei ChangPhysical Chemistry

How protein G, L and their mutants fold

Mr. Parag DasOrganic Chemistry

The photoisomerization behavior of INCN-functionalized donor-acceptor molecules

Astrid DaughertyAdditive Manufacturing

Biofabrication and Rheological Characterization of Archaeal Hydrogels

 Name Topic Title