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Dr. Ashlyn HaleInorganic Chemistry

Molecular Analogues of the Structure and Spin Vector Ordering of LnMnO3 Manganite Perovskites

Dr. Shailendra SinghChemistry Education

Development and Implementation of Hydrofluoric Acid Program at the University of Florida

Mr. Zhichun ShiInorganic Chemistry

A combined structural, spectroscopic, electrochemical, and magnetic study of Nickel (II) pyrazolates: dinuclear [Ni2], linear [Ni3], and triangular [Ni3] incorporating five-/six-coordinate Ni2+ ions.

Mrs. Matilynn LamChemistry Education

Key Stakeholders' Interpretations of Scientific Information Literacy: A Survey of Central Florida's K-16 Educators

Yu-Hsuan ShenPMSE/POLY

Manipulating Size and Increasing Conductivity of Cyclic Polyacetylene

Mr. John Oladimeji AkintolaPMSE/POLY

Zwitterglass: Anti-fouling Coatings from Glassy Polyelectrolyte Complexes

Dr. Wen ZhuBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Catalytic mechanism of radical SAM enzyme PqqE in pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis

Dr. Bipin LamichhaneComputational Chemistry

First principles study of transition metal carbide for single atom catalyst

Prof. Joshua MoonPMSE/POLY

Versatile synthetic platform for elucidating water and ion transport in post-functionalized polymer membranes

Mr. Zaafir DullooOrganic Chemistry

Fluorinated cyclic thiosulfonates as anti-cancer agents against EGFR+ and HER2+ breast cancers: Synthesis & formulation

Mr. Reza EsmaeeliComputational Chemistry

Structural predictions of protein–DNA binding: MELD-DNA

Dr. Csilla GyorgyPMSE/POLY

Enhanced Adsorption of Epoxy-Functional Nanoparticles onto Stainless Steel Significantly Reduces Friction in Tribological Studies

Ms. Keila MullerChemistry Education

Investigating students’ sense of belonging in general chemistry courses with varied instructional styles

Dr. ChristiAnna BrantleyInorganic Chemistry

Single-Molecule Magnets on Molecular Nanoparticles of δ-Bi2O3

Dr. Martina SumnerChemistry Education

Mentoring at-risk students in large enrollment General Chemistry 1

 Name Topic Title